Action 01:

Each partner will hold debates, conferences and roundtables, open to the public, focused on: the rise of extremism; stigmatization of migrants and refugees; migration and asylum EU and members’ state policies; solidarity and EU citizenship participation to face the EU challenges.

Action 02:

  • Training activities will be implemented aiming to provide a theoretical basis of knowledge, essential to subsequent praxis oriented activities through civic participation. Each partner will offer tailor made training activities on main project´s topics to civil society, especially to NGOs made up of migrant and refugee women.
  • Each partner will develop two discussion groups on EU migration and asylum policies, in order to analyze them and to define recommendations to improve them and to fight the minorities’ stigmatization.
  • A webinar will be organized, in order to exchange conclusions between debate groups of different countries.
  • Report drafting and recommendations.

Action 03:

  • A network of volunteer groups will be created and trained to lead a campaign against migrants and refugees stigmatization (A4).
  • With this aim, project’ partners will carry out courses of Cyberactivism, Media Literacy and Campaign Design for social transformation in coordination with CSOs engaged with migrants and refugees.
  • A webinar will be organized, in order to work on joint Campaign between volunteer groups in different Member states.

Action 04:

  • A Campaign Against stigmatization of migrants and refugees led by the volunteer groups will be implemented. The A2 report with recommendations will be delivered to policy makers, centers for migration research, local and nationals institutions and migrants CSOs as a part of this campaign. All the project results will be disseminated through the Media.
  • A final report will be elaborated. Each partner will organize a public act of presentation with local and national policy makers, media, CSOs and general public.