The aim of FORUM is to combat the stigmatization of migrants and refugees, with special attention to situation of women, through intercultural dialogues, increasing knowledge of EU policies and promoting a democratic and civic participation, particularly within groups that are less involved in the UE policy making-process.

FORUM organizers have long-standing experience in the project’s field, through a large number of educational programs, training activities and research, as well as projects focused on promoting respect for the dignity of individuals, freedom of thought and expression, justice, equality, solidarity, eradication of discrimination and intercultural dialogue. The Consortium brings together the experience and Know-How of grassroots CSOs, NGO Networks, University and Research Centers, reinforcing its capacities and scope.

This project responds to societal challenges such as the access to rights for migrant women or the refugees and migration crisis. Its key feature is to transfer proposals from citizens to EU policy makers in order to ensure a participative elaboration of the New EU Migration Pact as well as to provide a base research that connect with the aims of Europe for citizens Program 2021-2027