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Course Anti-racist Activism -UGR


Last October, the volunteers/activists training course Anti-racist Activism and for racialised people's rights: history, strategies and design of campaigns against racism took place in Granada in 6 intensive sessions. We counted on the knowledge of Paula Guerra, Pastora Filigrana, Silvina Monteros, Carolina Escobar, Chaimaa Boukharsa and Charles Williams Ndeye,  who gave us their point of view about antiracism, antigypsysm,  based on their experiences and daily work. Then we had three sessions with Jorge Castañeda in which we learned strategies about improve the advocacy thorugh the creation of campaigns and actions fo social transformation. The training have not finished. During the month [...]

Course Anti-racist Activism -UGR2022-10-31T07:45:56+00:00

Meeting Volunteers VIVACITY 2022


On September 11th, from 10am to 6 pm on the Old Port in Marseille, the FFM held a stand during VIVACITY, the festival of Marseille associations. They had the opportunity to introduce Forum project and contact with volunteers to pursue their commitment to work on the citizenship of migrants and against the stigmatization of migrants.

Meeting Volunteers VIVACITY 20222022-10-04T09:13:13+00:00

Volunteer Capacity Building – AkiDwA


The death of George Floyd on 25th May 2020 generated discussions and debate on racism and the important of tackling racism at all levels of the society. One of the reasons why AkiDwA was founded in 2001 was a result of racism and discrimination migrant women were experiencing at the time, this area of work remains key and very important into ensuring women, families and society in general are involved in challenging racism as a societal problem. AkiDwA strategic plan identify this area as important and reaffirm the need to work towards dismantling racism. In July 2021 AkiDwA started with the [...]

Volunteer Capacity Building – AkiDwA2022-07-15T09:04:55+00:00

Access to Rights by Undocument Migrant Women in Europe – ENoMW


The event took place in Brussels (Belgium) on the 23rd of June 2022 from 2pm to 5pm CET. We had a total of 111 participants divided in-person and online. It consisted in a conference and a roundtable in which expert speakers, European decision markers, lawyers and civil society representatives will highlight the various barriers undocumented migrant women face in regards to access to rights and justice in Europe, in Law and in practice.  Here it is the link to the full report: https://www.migrantwomennetwork.org/2022/06/23/new-report-undocumented-migrant-women-a-neglected-chapter-in-fundamental-rights-protection/

Access to Rights by Undocument Migrant Women in Europe – ENoMW2022-07-13T09:28:12+00:00

Migrant Women: Strengthening our Bodies and Activisms in Andalucía – UGR


The University of Granada has organized during March and July a cycle of sessions in which 24 migrant women had the opportunity to assist and nourished their inner self and their activisms. This cycle of sessions called "Círculo de Saberes" consisted of three sessions, in which the UGR counted with three expert and admirable women: In the first one, Lorena Cabnal talked about the collective selfcare and healing process with the point of view of the comunitarian feminism. The second session was conducted by Pastora Filigrana and it was about governance of migration and what are the mechanisms to do advocacy [...]

Migrant Women: Strengthening our Bodies and Activisms in Andalucía – UGR2022-07-13T09:06:53+00:00

Training – Formation sur les droits des femmes migrantes – FFM


The training session held in Paris on June 16 highlighted the practical and psychological impediments migrant women face to obtain proper enforcement of their rights enshrined   in French positive law in accordance with multiple international conventions and European treaties. Proposals for improvement were discussed, stressing the importance of psychological support and the additional changes needed to improve both adequate access to their rights and modify representations as all women are equal and must be treated as such.

Training – Formation sur les droits des femmes migrantes – FFM2022-07-06T11:15:51+00:00

Intercultural Dialogue Café – “Exile in Algerian women’s writing – FFM


This activity took place in Marseille, the day 14th May at the Toursky Theatre. It consisted of, firstly, a literary coffee, in which Naide Hedroug, clinical psychologist, Aicha Soudani, Habiba Djeridane, administrators at FFM and Yasmine Mouloud, writer, animated this intercultural dialogue café. 17 people took part in this moment rich in exchange. To address the theme of this meeting, we have chosen to focus on the writings of three Algerian women in exile: a winner of the short story competition (Soumya Amar Khodja) and two members of the jury (Myriam Ben and Zineb Labidi) with some excerpts of short sotries [...]

Intercultural Dialogue Café – “Exile in Algerian women’s writing – FFM2022-07-12T11:39:34+00:00

Intercultural Dialogue Café – Forum Femmes Méditerranée


The Intercultural Dialogue café "Memories of Exile" started at 2pm on 10th March. The, at 3pm there were parallel creativity workshops with the making of organic cosmetics, jewellerly, ceramics, led by the "Ceramist and Artists of Lilith" and a writing workshop led by Esther Fouchier, founder of FFM. The event closed with a song by Yasmine Mouloud, author-composer-performer, who interpreted pieces of love and peace, in a soft and lively style, in Arabic and Frech. Her songs with Mediterranean influences, tinged with Saharan blues, were accompanied by moderns and traditional instruments. This exchange was a moment of sharing and dialogue between [...]

Intercultural Dialogue Café – Forum Femmes Méditerranée2022-07-06T10:51:47+00:00

Online Course: Human Trafficking and Explotaition of Women in Migratory Contexts


March 30 was the last day of the Online Course "Human Trafficking and Exploitation of Women in Migratory Context", organised by CICODE of the UGR in the frames of FORUM project. There were more than 40 attendees, who were engaged and with very active participation. During this Course, along 6 sessions, we could acquire deeper knowledge about this phenomenom, thanks to Amaranta Foundation, NGO especialized in assistance and care of victims of human trafficking. Module 1 was conducted by Lola Ferri. We learned about legal framework in Spain and Europe in terms of international protection of victims of human trafficking and [...]

Online Course: Human Trafficking and Explotaition of Women in Migratory Contexts2022-04-05T11:13:00+00:00

Meeting of volunteering and activism groups – Forum Femmes Méditerranée


On February 5th, more than 30 women and men took part in this meeting. They met in the Maison de Quartier Sainte Geneviève (Marseille) invited by our partner Forum Femmes Méditerranée to discuss about the demands and claims related to migrant women. The aim of the meeting, which started at 3 pm and finished at 5:30pm, consisted of reflecting and select some claims and demands from the National Meeting of October 1st, related to migrant women. The meeting counted on the presence of: M. Lionel Royer-Perreaut, mayor of 9 and 10 district and some of his team.  The Association of Algerian [...]

Meeting of volunteering and activism groups – Forum Femmes Méditerranée2022-02-18T09:57:23+00:00

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