We are launching #NoBorderstoWomenRights, a campaign developed in the frames of FORUM Project.

This campaign is going to do advocacy at two levels:

At local level, in which each Partner is going to celebrate different events and activities, as well as, an act of presentation of results of the Project.

At European level, in which the Policy Brief For an Equal Europe for all: Migrant Women Rights are Human Rights is going to be delivered to policymakers of de European Union. This document of demands and recommendations is the result of the identification by organizations made up, or engaged to, migrant during the activities of the project and their daily work and experiences. It gathers 6 key issues and 76 recommendations of policies, measures and actions to addressed urgently migrants and refugees, especially women and girls, rights violations and discrimination.

Find it here along with a toolkit for its dissemination:  Policy Brief and Toolkit

The aim is call for commitment of policy makers from local, national and European institutions, to an effective coordination, co-responsibility and forceful endeavour, for a successful development of policies that guarantee migrants’ rights, with especial attention to women and girls rights, without forgetting the key role of NGOs and organizations made up of, or engaged with, migrants and refugees.