The event “Community energies: the place of the possible” took place in September 10 in Verona (Italy). It involved 52 participants.

The objective of the world café was to create an informal moment of discussion between realities, associations, people living in the area and institutions on how to make a space and a neighborhood alive, participatory and inclusive so that it becomes a place in which to create a multucultural network, in which migrants, asylum seekers and in particular migrant women can feel an inclusive and active part of a community.

The world café methodology made possible a dynamic discussion and debate around three tables held by different realities that addressed cross-cultural issues.

The guests and speakers of the tables were: network of university and middle school students and Yanez Association for the table in which the discussion was on active participation citizenship; a second table held by Senegambia Youth Association, Afroveronesi Association and Sadaf (a migrant woman who is building her own bridge project between verona and Kabul); last table regarding good practices and proposals held by Omnia social enterprise and Fate Association.

From the confront emerged the need to transform a space into a place open to the community that lives in the territory, welcoming people of passage, historical inhabitants of the territory and new arrivals, creating a multicultural network that knows how to create relationship between communities that recognize and become educating to each other.

Valorize diversity as richnesses starting from a community level up to an institutional level.

Create a place that is not just a provider of services and activities but also a place to live in, where one can relate, network and create moments of intergenerational comparison and exchange. 

Necessity to fill empty spaces, transform the verona cultural center into a place to be actively lived not necessarily participating in activities but generating ideas, creating accomplishing and co-working corners as if it were an open place to the outside.