The University of Granada has organized during March and July a cycle of sessions in which 24 migrant women had the opportunity to assist and nourished their inner self and their activisms. This cycle of sessions called “Círculo de Saberes” consisted of three sessions, in which the UGR counted with three expert and admirable women:

  • In the first one, Lorena Cabnal talked about the collective selfcare and healing process with the point of view of the comunitarian feminism.
  • The second session was conducted by Pastora Filigrana and it was about governance of migration and what are the mechanisms to do advocacy in the Spanish context, particularly in Andalucía.
  • Salome Mbugua, head of the project partner AkiDwA, was in change of the third session. Participation of migrant women in Europe and  experiences about another European organizations were the main topics of that session.

It was an amazing activity in which migrant women activists could express their concerns, with the aim of strenghten their bodies, activisms and  organizations.