Migrant women rights advocate organizations from France, Ireland, Italy, Belgium and Spain will be actively working in the FORUM project. The project organizers have a long-standing experience and develop a large number of educational programs, training activities and researches, as well as projects focused on promoting respect for the dignity of individuals, freedom of thought and expression, justice, equality, solidarity, eradication of discrimination and intercultural dialogue.

The Consortium brings together the experience and Know-How of grassroots CSOs, NGO Networks, University and Research Centers, reinforcing its capacities and scope.

University of Granada- The Center for Development Cooperation Initiatives (CICODE)

CICODE works in the fields of international development cooperation, migrations, cultural diversity, equality and Human Rights, closely with grassroots CSOs and associations and promoting civil society participation. Since 2004 the CICODE has carried out international volunteer services, volunteer training and debate groups targeting to promote democratic and civic participation of UGR students and staff.

Forum Femmes Méditerranée

The FFM brings together individual men and women or representatives of associations from different social backgrounds. Their approach is to sensitize the younger generations to the realities of sexism and racism and to defend  the rights of foreigners as well as to pool the research, skills and resources of associations for common projects.

Centro de Estudios e Investigación sobre Mujeres

CEIM is a research centre focused on research and advocacy on gender equality, social change, Peace, Development and Justice worldwide.  CEIM’s approach is grounded on our commitment to Gender Equity and a rights-based, people-centered approach to  Development and delivers diverse services such as social consulting, research, training, network building and advocacy  on the mentioned issues.

Akina dada wa africa. Network of migrant women in Ireland

AkiDwA is a national network of migrant women whom live in Ireland with an aim to promote equality and justice for migrant women living in Ireland by ensuring equal opportunities and access to resources in all aspects of society. AkiDwA applies a holistic approach to integration through four key strategies: Networking, Policy and Advocacy and Capacity building.

Reseau Europeen Des Femmes Migrantes. European Network of Migrant Women

The ENOMW is a young migrant-women led platform of NGOs that works, in the spirit of intersectional feminism, for the rights of migrant women in Europe. Formalized as an umbrella organization in Brussels in 2012, the network currently has 55 member organizations and almost 100 individual members in 23 EU states.

Associazione Le Fate Onlus

Le Fate Onlus works with the aim of being close to the interests of the community, promoting human promotion and supporting the social inclusion of all citizens with a particular focus on paths aimed at the well-being and inclusion of minors and women. In addition, the Association intends to facilitate the social and cultural integration of immigrant families present in Verona, with particular attention to the reality of women.