On October 6th and 7th, the Center for Development Cooperation Initiatives (University of Granada) organized the Conference “Beyond the Borders: Migrant Women and Political Participation”. This activity took place in Granada and they were also broadcasted on Zoom, relying on more than 100 participants.

Throughout the Conference, various round tables brought together migrant women grassroots organizations and NGOs from all over Spain. They analyzed the situation of migrant women in Spain, related their experiences of struggle and brought about a number of breathtaking and emotional stories about their experiences and difficulties that every single one of them have suffered and faced, keeping in mind that their never ending fight for the respect for their individual and collective rights and dignified living conditions does not stop until it is achieved.

Undoubtedly, this two-day Conference was worthwhile for reflection, developing a critical eye, awareness, and the creation of networks among the speakers and participants, admiring each other and recognizing their work.