On Wednesday 13 October, the Webinar Anti-human rights policies and hate speech, organised by the Centre of Studies and Research Women (CEIM), was celebrated, with the participation of  more than 30 attendees.

The Webinar was divided into two sections. In the first, two studies, in which migrant women played a leading role, were submitted:

– “Mapeo de actores y repertorios de odio: El género y la migración en el epicentro de las políticas anti-derechos en España y la Unión Europea” (Mapping of hate actors: gender and migration in the center of anti-rights policies in Spain and the European Union). It was developed in 2019 by AIETI. It involved a number of Spanish and Latin American organizations who exchanged and discussed the rise of extremisms and its impact on women and, in particular, on migrant women right’s.

– “Tirar del hilo: historias de mujeres migradas supervivientes de violencia machista” (Tirar del hilo: stories of migrants women survivors of gender-based violence) developed by Red Latinas. The results of the project attempted to explain the rise of the violence during the Coronavirus pandemic taking into account the current context and the subsequent increase of hate speech and intolerance.

Analysing the barriers that migrants have to suffer, especially migrant women, these studies aim  to improve the knowledge about the real problems that they are facing, taking action and developing more accurate instruments.

The second part was an open discussion with the aim, through an open and flexible methodology, to energize and exchange an opportunity for honest thinking and discussion for the attendees of the Webinar.

It was a very rewarding Webinar. Thanks for coming!