This activity took place in Marseille, the day 14th May at the Toursky Theatre. It consisted of, firstly, a literary coffee, in which Naide Hedroug, clinical psychologist, Aicha Soudani, Habiba Djeridane, administrators at FFM and Yasmine Mouloud, writer, animated this intercultural dialogue café.

17 people took part in this moment rich in exchange. To address the theme of this meeting, we have chosen to focus on the writings of three Algerian women in exile:

  • a winner of the short story competition (Soumya Amar Khodja)
  • and two members of the jury (Myriam Ben and Zineb Labidi) with some excerpts of short sotries about other Algerian women.

The aim of the competition was also to evoke the stories of women fighters and to find the ferment that makes struggles rise, the spark that triggers the liberating process when it is dormant or ankilosed.